Do I Have To Be Certified To Serve On A Board?

COA and HOA Board Requirements

Condominium Owner Associations (COA) and Homeowner Associations (HOA) Board members must either certify that they have read and will uphold the Governing Documents, or complete an approved education course within 90 days of appointment or election to the Board. Florida laws are continually changing, so its important to stay current on the laws by taking continuing education and working with qualified vendors to assist your community.

Although COA and HOA Board of Directors are voluntary and unpaid positions, they represent and govern a community of individual’s properties. Regardless of employing a licensed management company or attorney, a comprehensive and ongoing knowledge of the Association’s policies, and the enforcement of same, is needed for each Board Member. A comprehensive education of the fiduciary obligations of each Board Member, and the obligations about announcing and facilitating open meetings is critical.

Online and classroom training for COA and HOA Board members can provide the Association Board Members with knowledge about, but not limited to:

  • Roles of new officers.
  • Electing new officers.
  • Orientation of new Board Members.
  • Working as a team with fellow Board Members.
  • Directions and recommendations for chairing a meeting.
  • Review of voting, and refraining from, relative to new issues.
  • The creation and execution of rules, regulations, and policies.
  • The identification and management of issues related to fraud.
  • The fiduciary requirement of the Board.
  • State laws that govern the Community Association.
  • A comprehensive explanation of the differences between the types of Associations.
  • Understanding and maintaining accurate financial documents.
  • Education relative to operations including obtaining and maintaining insurance and asset protection, as well as collection matters.
  • Vendor negotiations, including bidding and contracts.
  • Role playing exercises to assist in dispute resolution of real-life issues.

In Florida, if a Board Member does not successfully complete the educational requirements within 90 days, they are suspended. Another qualified individual may act in the position during the suspension.